Benchmark and model zoo

Common settings

  • All models were trained on CUB_200_2011_train and tested on the CUB_200_2011_test.

  • For fair comparison with other codebases, we report the GPU memory as the maximum value of torch.cuda.max_memory_allocated() for all 8 GPUs. Note that this value is usually less than what nvidia-smi shows.

  • All pytorch-style pretrained backbone are form PyTorch model zoo.

Backbone models

The detailed table of the commonly used backbone models in FGVCLib is listed below:

model source link description
ResNet18 TorchVision torchvision's ResNet-18 From torchvision's ResNet-18.
ResNet34 TorchVision torchvision's ResNet-34 From torchvision's ResNet-34.
ResNet50 TorchVision torchvision's ResNet-50 From torchvision's ResNet-50.
ResNet101 TorchVision torchvision's ResNet-101 From torchvision's ResNet-101.
ResNet152 TorchVision torchvision's ResNet-152 From torchvision's ResNet-152.
Vgg11 TorchVision torchvision's Vgg-11 From torchvision's Vgg-11.
Vgg13 TorchVision torchvision's Vgg-13 From torchvision's Vgg-13.
Vgg16 TorchVision torchvision's Vgg-16 From torchvision's Vgg-16.
Vgg19 TorchVision torchvision's Vgg-19 From torchvision's Vgg-19.



Please refer to MCL for details.


Please refer to PMG for details.